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My Holiday in Kazakhstan Tuesday, July 26, 2011 / 5:30 AM
Hi pll!! How r u??
my holiday in Kz was really good)))
but again i dont have a lot of pic=(( just few of it)
it was fun....
i went to Burabai its in Kazakhstan just few hour from my city Astana

the name of the place is Zhumbaktas(Burabai)

here is the pic with me and my love 

I love him so much... misss him so muchhhh....

here is some pic with my friends

here is a pic when i went to my friends kickboxing match 
he won))) he take the first place ))) 


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Sunday, May 1, 2011 / 4:48 AM
helloo ppl))))
Yesterday i had a bud day was ill =(( after the pom!! i dont know why)))
 so i went to prom i was ok not really fun but still okk )))
u want to see the pictures ?????
i dont have a lot of the
Meka, I, Ajara, Aselya,Aida 

gazi, Azat, I, Alex, Ajara, Aselya, Aida and Asset 

                                                                   I and Zarina

i have pic with Ola n Olen before i went to Prom but i will put them later when i take the pic from Ola`s phone.
          Now i`m  in Ola n Olen`s house. we had a lot fun yesterday nite but i was really ill=(
today is 1 May so its means that 24 day more and i will be older one year.......
did i tell u guys that im going back to Kz 29 may!! im so happy
1)  i will se my family
2) i really miss my country
3) my boyfriend
4) my lovely friends
im happy ))) but the worse thing is that i have exams and a lot of ISU =(((

 u know no one perfect and i hate when someone want to change and to prove that u can be different and  u can change
but its not like that...
like my boyfriend always want to change to the different way, like he say to good way but why?
am i like bad?? or what i cnt understand.....

u know what ppl ..... the man/ Women who wants to change the other person to his/ her  side, it means that you are not confident in yourself....... 

OMG now in Malay is raining AGAINNN to tired if it!!!!! FUCKKKKK when it will finishh
u know now im writing a song but its in Russian so i thing guys u cant understand.....
I will put here later i will translated the song to English!!!
the funny pictures 

Okey my friends i thing its all for today 
im going to smoke shisha 
i hope u all like it... 
Love u all 


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Monday, April 25, 2011 / 10:25 AM
Helloo ppl!)) how r u all???
i was had a great time on 26 of March cos my parents come to Malay and we had a lot of fun!!!
there was My Mammy, Sister and my lovely brother. they come only like for a one week.....
we went to Langkawi and i do not remember the HOTEL name but it was a 4* hotel!!!=)))
when my Family come Ola n OLen didn`t have a change to see them. Coz they was in Indonesia.=(
a lot of thing has happened since my last post.....
now i have now Kazakhstan and Kirgistan friends in Sunway. I love them so much! on 29 April i will have a CIMP Prom Night.. This is my second prom in Malaysia the first one was when i finish SIS and the second in CIMP the foundation.
                                                     ***SIS Prom Night*** 2009

                      .....Thats all pic i have more but i think those pic will be okay.....
I will put the CIMP 2011 Prom picture when I have it okay)) 

now i have a lot of problem sorry it personal and i cant tell u guys, but im sure that soon everything will be okay!!!!
i have to do my Assailment shit im so lazy to do it.... Hate MONDAY.... 
Im going back to KZ for holiday i edy have the ticket so i will go to kz on 29 May thill 13 July, 2011.
The thing is killing me is that when i come back to Malay there will be no Ola and Olen=(( im so sad....
I hope that they will be study here! i dont know that i  will do with out them here. Malay will be so terrible. sorry for those ppl who like MY.....u know right guys that i hate MY. im here coz i really love my friends. Im really glad that i had a change to meet with nice ppl and to just know then. Thanks to: OLa ,Olen, Jesse, Weini, Febry, Keke, Vera, Alvin, Kevin, Billie, Frans, Ervandi and all Sunway International School ppl
LOVE U ALL....   

I think it all for today i will go to do my Homework=(( 

Good Night everybody 
love u alll))) I hope u like it))) 

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just few Pictures of myself Saturday, February 12, 2011 / 6:09 AM
  Just few pic


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Hello Friday, February 11, 2011 / 11:28 AM
hi ppl!! sorry that i didnt write to my blog
the reason is that i forgot my PASSWORD =((
anyway finally im here)))
Oh god a lot of things has happened!!!!!!!
start from the NEW YEar 2011))
New year was good start from 00.00 a was with my family
then i went out with my friend at 2 am 2011)) and i was drankkkkkk )))) just a little (just kidding)
we was rented an apartment)))))))
                                             here are the pic from my NY)) with ma friend

My MOM and ma broo 
love themm so muchh

this is ma boyfriend  )) u want to see him pic??
he is really CuTEEE
we are only like 2 month 

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Thursday, November 25, 2010 / 9:19 AM
Hi ppl!=))) 
how r u????????
Why everyone thing that if there`s heart is broken, that its will be the END OF THE WORLD?
and they want to go far away from the person who make them fill pain  
ppl who think that, if  they will be far away from that person who broke theres Heart is will be easier and by that choice they will be save.
the answer:
You will NEVER EVER forget that person with that choice.
u will ask me:
So how we can forget the person
the answer: JUst pretend that nothing happen between u and him/her
i know it hard BUT it will be better the run away form the problem.
u just need to make ur self STRONG,STRONG,STRONG,STRONG,STRONG and much STRONGER  
and MOVE on. 
Boys are just like a BUS 
they go from the one bus stop to the another  bus stop
 its will take a time before 
they come to the final bus stop. 
    ***we girls just need to WAIT the FINAL one=))))***

                     Girl waiting for the BUS                                                                                             
BUS heheh!!

the Bus moving from the bus stop 
but there is will be time when 
but sometimes the bus can broke too 
and we girls will move on 
it was a funny storyy hope u like it!! hehheh!!! 
boys i was just kidding hehehe!!=)) 
Anyway we girls LOVE u ALL

                                                                                                                 BY: ZiZi   

Love you, know I’ll fight for you
I left the porch light on for you
hi! welcome to my page! :D
i hope you'll enjoy reading my post.
i will try my best to make my blog looks fun to you, readers.
i'm newbie in blog anyways.
thanks for visiting. :)